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Structural Support


SCS has been building and engineering since 2008 and our track record lays before us.

Structural support systems can vary in size and price and we pride ourselves in giving a comprehensive price for all works done.

We however are not exempt from the forces of nature while working on projects causing delays with any severe weather condition.

SCS have secured swimming pools to mountain sides. We have build offices under an existing shopping center by excavating the ground below the floor slab.

We have saved many houses from becoming a lost investments due to saturated ground movement.

Insufficient structures can undermine the most beautiful home and as such we can help remove the challenging conditions.

We have removed pools from within a house to allow new bedrooms and offices to be built.

We also have reinforced many cell phone towers for increased wind loads due to 5G and 4G antenas being placed on existing structures.

SCS have reinforced existing retaining walls using our specialised mix of grout and cement and drilling techniques.

We would love to help you with any problem you may encounter one your building or substructures.

Pinning And Substructure Engineers

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