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SCS is a Specialized Construction business that has been building and engineering since 2008.

Was founded by John Moll and Alan Blake under a gentleman’s agreement and latter setup as a proper business.

In 2016 Ryan and Lauren Taylor, Clive, Stephen and Vivienne Moll collectively bought out Mr Alan Blake and formed a new (PTY)ltd SCS.

The Business has since been run as a family investment and has some great staff.

David Solomon’s or Team Manager and Site Forman along with Tshepo and team have helped the business succeed.

John Moll managing the day to day operations, this business is bound for success.

In 2019 SCS constructed its own CFA (Continues Flight Auger) Piling Rig to help it successfully implement a coastline project.

Since 2008 We have managed to acquire excavators, site containers, mini buckets for carry heavy loads, Pile Driving machines, and Mini Crane, CFA Drilling rig and Tipper Truck.

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